Fateminia’s life summary


Seyyed Abdullah Fateminia (born in 1324 in Tabriz), the Mujtahid al-Khatib, the mystic and professor of morality, is an Islamic historian and bibliographer. He is studying ethics, mysticism, hadith and Arabic poetry.

He was educated from his childhood under the religious and scientific supervision of his father (Seyyed Ismail Asfaiyaei Shand Abadi), who was mysticism scholar.

Then, for nearly 30 years, he was taught by Hasan Mostafavi (a student of Seyyed Ali Ghazi). After his education under supervision of Mostafavi, he  continued his spiritual journey with Allame Tabatabai, Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Elahi Tabatabai (the younger brother of Allameh Tabatabai), Mohammad Taghi Amoli, Baha’oddini, Mohammad Taghi Bahjat most of whom were great muslim scholars. Hence, he is one of the students of the Ayatullah Ghazi with a mediator.

He is one of the experts in Islamic sciences who is engaged in research in his field. Among his other activities can be taught in the seminars, participation in the religious programs of national radio and television as experts. He also lectures in seminars and university.

Fateminia has a wide-ranging knowledge about Rijal science and mysticism, while at the same time he is more likely to speak for public audience. He is one of the famous commentators of Sahifeh Sajjadiyeh and Nahjolbalagheh, and has given a series of briefings on these matters.

At the end,  we pray God for his constant health and fortune and success.


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